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Poverty Eradication in Bangladesh: Role of Civil Society.

Masud A khan is a Senior Broadcast Journalist of Bangladesh
Specialized in International Relations and an active development activist, has established a hospital for poor people, school for specially able children. He is also working as a consultant of bilateral trade and investment collaboration.

Keynote speech on Poverty Eradication in Bangladesh: Role of Civil Society
Presented at C20 Civil Society Summit2016, Qingdao, China held on 5th and 6th July 2016 at Shangri La Hotel, Qingdao, China
Speech by Masud A. Khan, Chairman of Better Bangladesh Foundation (BBF)

Bangladesh has made a tremendous success and keep progressing relentlessly. It is a remarkable to mention that economy of Bangladesh has exposed Bangladesh into global forefront.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh has managed to impress world due to development achievement in many of the domestic sectors. Sectors account for economic prosperity realised are RMG export, FDI, poverty alleviation, agricultural revolution as well record breaking foreign exchange remittance and women development significant progress in UN MDG by 2015. And, most important the extreme poverty has dramatically down by 40 percent.

Alongside, the Bangladesh Military has made extra ordinary contribution in UN peace keeping mission in many countries.

And, RMG textile accounts for 79 percent of total export earning and accounts for world 3rd supplier of apparel markets.

In addition, there are some emerging industries which also directly equipping and enriching the economy of Bangladesh of them Pharmaceutical industry, Ship building industry and supply of skilled and semi skilled human resources into Middle East. And, building infrastructure of Information, communication technology trend has also led Bangladesh towards the economic upliftment.

As Bangladesh has collectively done brilliant in these sectors, this reintroduce and brand Bangladesh globally with new recognition and reputation. And, Bangladesh has come into the notice of developed world and attracts the world even though the emergence of our economy surprises the world economy too.

And, this rapid and frequent growth in economy is progressively rebranding Bangladesh up and down the world.

In deed, Better Bangladesh Foundation is working in the line with promoting image of Bangladesh also remain involved in wide range of philanthropic projects addressing to poverty alleviation, illiteracy and healthcare across countryside which create a social balance and empowerment of vulnerable people through reduction of social inequality.

And, programmes and positive initiatives with the value of Branding Bangladesh by Better Bangladesh will strengthen the economic base, acceleration process and secure new milestone down the road.

Now we feel the inevitability of involving youth and create the new dimension of youth leadership led economic development in the economy.

We, on behalf of BBF, here are earnestly expecting your fullest cooperation and utmost support in reaching Bangladesh another exemplary and extraordinary vision with shared global understanding and partnership for sustainable development.

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