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Covid-19 and its impact on educational institutions

Faiha Siddique

The covid-19 has affected the nation’s educational system all over the world; it
led to shutting down of schools, colleges and universities as social distancing is a
safety precaution from corona virus. Educational institutions have been shut
down since the 17 th of March. The closure of educational institutions has made a
huge impact on students and their education in a very inferior way.
I am in home quarantine and I am unable to attend school, just like the other
students. Online classes are being held every day which is gradually helping us to
get our minds back on education but the mental health of us students are getting
low and demoralizing because back in the days when we used to go to school, we
got to interact with our friends and teachers. Not only mentally, all of us are
getting physically unfit as there are no movements we’re making that will keep us
active and energetic. In school, I used to play soccer every single day and come
back home being extremely tired, but now im waking up early for online classes
then spend the rest of the day sitting at home which is causing me to be
extremely indolent.
In some schools, they are not having exams and the students are getting
predicted grades. Some student who was an A grade student ended up getting C
grade because of online assignments, how is it fair to us students? We didn’t get a
chance to give exams and are getting predicted grades which is quiet illogical.
While some schools are giving predicted grades, other schools are having oral
exams. The problem with online oral exam is that some students are leaving class
or not responding to the teacher because some of them are introvert and have
social anxiety, which can also be called lack of confidence, what can be done
about this matter? Can we tell the introvert student to speak up while he/she
deals with anxiety? We simply cant. The only way we can get our educational
system to be better again is by taking extreme safety precautions and attending
school by also maintaining social distance.
In my opinion, schools and other educational institutions should re-open by
maintaining the safety precautions, apart from educational systems the business
industries should re-open as well because some parents lost their job and are
having tough times paying for school fees for their children.

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