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A healthy partnership between Schools and Parents are extremely important- BESPA

The inauguration ceremony of BESPA was held on 25 July 2020 at Press Club VIP Lounge where Professor Md. Habibe Millat, MP attended as the Chief Guest while the meeting was chaired and moderated by Professor Masud A. Khan, Convener of BESPA. BESPA has declared a Convener Committee consisting 3 CO -Conveners, 2 Joint -Conveners and Member Secretary along with a Joint Members Secretary including 12 EC Members!
Bangladesh English School Parents Association (BESPA)  is a pioneering effort of some dedicated patents of different English Medium Schools elsewhere in Bangladesh. It preserves the right to carry out all the rational movement to home press the logical demands of parents of all approaches. It goes without saying that authorities of English Medium Schools became somewhat blind as they seldom care the supplication of parents. They tend to be indifferent to listen to the guardians. This unwelcoming attitude of the authorities of Schools forced the parents to come to streets. Initially, the parents lodged complaints, wrote application, sent emails to let the schools know about the financial debacles during this pandemic outbreak of novel corona virus covid-19 but unfortunately the respective authorities didn’t heed to them which really flabbergasted the parents to be considered as one of the most important stakeholders in school operations.
It is a matter of grave concern that the school authorities didn’t learn any lessons from this pandemic rather they multiplied their irregularities while asking the same tuition fees during the natural catastrophe.
The major detrimental stuff that English Medium Schools do are:
1) Over charging tuition fees, admission fees, development fees, stationeries, books, readmission fees etc
2) Recruiting comparatively disqualified teachers and terminating them whimsically
3) Paying less remuneration to teachers which drive them to be engaged in coaching outside the schools destroying the mental health of students and lessening the family bondage of children as they’re to spend more time at outside of homes
4) The English Medium Schools never encourage any representatives of parents in decision making which made them unaccountable
5) They are not paying any concentration to form a watchdog committee heading a responsible person to protect the child safeguards to minimise the bullying, abuse, racism and other unethical issues to deal professionally.
The Bangladesh English School Parents Association wants to annihilate these abnormalities immediately. Moreover, during this global turmoil of every segment due to corona virus, many professionals are in a huge jeopardy as corona struck in the business, service sectors which made them financially handicapped. The parents asked authorities to be nice to them whilst understanding the neo normal situation but they’re found reluctant to the matter. Again, in the name of taking online classes, the school authorities asked the parents to pay the tuition fees or to face a dire consequences like not getting access to online classes, not receiving results, not getting promoted to new classes which is a psychological torture and inhuman activities of the schools.
Failing to materialise the demands and stopping the despot like behaviour we finally decided to form this central platform to talk as spoke person.
It’s a matter of joy that thousands of parents are under our umbrella as it has created a shadow for them, talk for their interests. Trust me, tagging someone as ‘Mirjafor’ without realising is a crime and it indicates the paucity of wisdom. To address the common issues, we shouldn’t be hypothetical. Hurling abusive statements, words only can provocate others to prove that we are in a cross road of agitation. The third party will take the credits. Forums can be formed in different schools to bring forth the inside stories, discrepancies. But centrally BESPA will work as father organisation. We do welcome many offshore parents forum around the country under the BESPA. We want a logical resolution of the deadlock. We want people to raise voice against any institutionalised corruption.  We are in the streets with a common mission, common interest. Therefore, we shouldn’t blame each other. Rather we can tie up more nexus among ourselves to fuel to the flame. Remember, blame game is the worst example found in politics, in the dictionary of fools. The sooner we come out from this paradox the better it would be for all of us. Finally we respect all the parents forum forming in schools ignoring the pandemic.

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