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Better Bangladesh Foundation celebrated Eid ul Fitre with handicapped people at Chessire.


Literally Eid fitre comes after a month long fasting from dawn to dusk globally by the Muslim devotees. The significance of celebration is huge in practice. According to the directives of Islam one has to pay the Sadaka and Zakat to the distressed or underprivileged elsewhere or around us before going to perform the EID congregations. It is given to either comparatively poor people from the relatives or the neighbours at large. However, this time the Eid ul Fitre is completely different than any other years, decades or centuries especially for the pandemic outbreak of novel Corona Virus COVID-19 that struck worldwide leaving the people in a total jeopardy. It is a matter of immense joy that BBF global is rendering kind supports affected people all over the globe.

From the very outset of COVID-19 , Better Bangladesh Foundation has been working on this critical issue to address it properly or to materialize it to mass people about the severity. The economy fell down all of sudden as the government imposed an abrupt lockdown countrywide. However, the sufferings of people in general beefed up drastically due to the solitary state or not having any livelihood to support the family. Thousand of people lost their jobs, number of entrepreneurs lost the capital and a countless number of industries are waiting to shut down because of uncertainty prevails everywhere.

On 24th May, 2020 Professor Masud A Khan, the Chairman of Better Bangladesh Foundation (BBF) with his other colleagues Muhammad Anwar Hossain, Head of Communications, (BBF), SM Robiul Alam paid a courtesy visit to greet and meet the untold and unknown figures of the society who are physically handicapped and living in Chessire Homes Uttara. Seeing the caravans of Better Bangladesh Foundation the Chessire dwellers became ecstatic and their joys knew no bound. They started calling their other mates to join in our little gathering spontaneously. It seems to me that people over there were keep waiting to receive us with their natural warmness. We really became astounded to see the sparkling faces surrounded us in a minute. The real taste of Eid celebration was tasted over there with the apparently unfortunate but mentally they are quite sound through their activities.

However, Better Bangladesh Foundation arranged a little Eid commodities with some cash money to help accelerate the happiness of the physically disabled but mentally strong. The way they received us was somewhat commemorating and fantastic. This pandemic outbreak of COIVD-19 actually taught us a lot how we can contribute for the sufferers. We urge the socially advanced people, industrialists, business tycoons, influentials and global leaders to address this sensitive issue in a more professional manner to get rid of tribulations by providing necessary, technical supports indiscriminately. Being a frontline activist,  Better Bangladesh has observed a huge crisis in humanity. People are now in a great challenge and in a devastating stage. They are supplicating a basic essential to get survived. It is a crucial time for the socially advantaged people to come forward with any sort of assistance they are able to do to save the humanity. This circumstance needs to deal smartly and for making it happen systematically we urge our wealthy people to extend their helping hands with essential foods and other contributions. Finally BBF is also concerned about the recently unemployed people, teachers, little entrepreneurs and SMEs who are now in an acute havoc. Let’s work together hands in hands without any questions. BBF has formed an emergency fund name ‘BBF COVID-19 Support Program 2020’. At the eleventh hour we solicit your any amount of financial assistance to tackle the situation with cordiality. May send us your support through whether at bank or BKash:

A/C Name: Better Bangladesh Foundation

A/C Number: 13221020012487

Bank: Prime Bank Limited, Banani Branch

B -Kash: 01716500230


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