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Bangladesh Embassy in Jordan distributing food among the Bangladeshis.

Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government seeks to assist expatriate Bangladeshis. Under the directives of the Honorable Foreign Minister and Honorable Minister of Expatiates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment, the embassies are trying to help the Bangladeshis abroad. In this context, the Bangladesh Embassy in Jordan has launched a food distribution program to help those Bangladeshi who are in food crisis due to the ongoing curfew in Jordan. Ambassador and other officials of the Embassy distributed the food items in Mahatta and Jabal Hossain areas of Amman’s capital, Bangladesh on Thursday, March 9. The embassy has already prepared a list of people in food crisis. Also, the names of those who are communicating regularly through the Embassy’s Facebook page and hot-line are being included in this list. The ambassador requested to inform the embassy through this hot-line if anyone is in crisis. According to a notification, the embassy will provide this assistance to anyone who is in the real food crisis and notifies the embassy any name that is not yet included on the list. It should be noted that there are approximately 130,000 – 140,000 Bangladeshis in Jordan. Almost all of them work as a garment factory or housekeeper. The Jordanian government has announced for their timely payments. The embassy has been in contact with Jordanian garment factory owners and domestic labor recruitment agencies for this matter. The Embassy of Bangladesh started this food distribution program at the earliest when the Bangladesh Government announced to support food in Jordan as a result of the concerted efforts of the Bangladesh Ambassador. The embassy conducting these activities with the participation of the local Bangladeshi community.

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