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DHAKA – 13 NOVEMBER 2019 – Farhana Afrin Ayshe, a 22-year-old Bangladeshi, won the crown for “Mrs. Tourism Globe” during the 2019 world finals of Mrs. Tourism Pageant, hosted in Manila, The Philippines this October. Incidentally, this is the first time when a Bangladeshi participated in this international annual event. APURBO DOT COM, the Franchise owner of Mrs. Tourism Bangladesh national pageant, through which Ayshe participated in the world finals, arranged a “Homecoming Meet-the-Press” on Wednesday, 13 November 2019 at 12:00 pm in Dhaka Regency Hotel & Resort for the newly crowned beauty queen upon her victorious return to Dhaka. A total of twenty-six Country’s contestants from across the globe participated in the international beauty pageant this year. Instead of the traditional runners-up format that such competitions adhere to, Mrs. Tourism Pageant follows a collective judging panel where five crowns – Earth, Globe, International, World, and Universe – are presented to the five winners during each year’s event. Aside from being crowned queen for the title of Mrs. Tourism Globe on Grand Coronation Night, Ayshe won five other appellations during the contest proceedings, including “Best in Forum”, “Darling of the Press”, “Mrs. Nix Institute of Beauty”, “Mrs. Berry GLUTA”, and “Mrs. Fairy White”, acquiring also Brand Ambassadorship for the latter two titular trademarks.m mAt the press meet, President of Mrs. Tourism Bangladesh Franchise Owner Apurbo Abdul Latif stated, “The tourism sector holds great potential for our country. We have the longest beach in the world – Cox’s Bazar, the largest mangrove forest – the Sundarbans, and our  people are warm and hospitable by nature. Our Prime Minister, too, takes  interest in ensuring that Bangladesh is highlighted as a tourism destination. Participating in Mrs. Tourism is our attempt to contribute to that effort and bring our tourism to the forefront of the world eye and Ayshe’s success accelerated our journey. Hopefully, with the cooperation of all, this journey will continue to progressively highlight Bangladesh to the world.” “On a personal level, each time I won a title during the entire proceeding of the pageant, it felt surreal, right to the moment when they placed the final crown upon my head,” shared Ayshe, who received professional music training in both singing and dancing, with the press. “Now that the contest is over, I can, honestly, say that I feel the responsibility of this crown. I did not win it only for myself but really for my nation. The tagline of Mrs. Tourism Pageant is ‘A Mother Who Cares for the World’ and I hope I continue to demonstrate equal, if not exceeding, care for Bangladesh.”

The Press Meet also attended by Brand Ambassador and Image Counselor of Bangladesh , Chairman of Better Bangladesh Foundation (BBF) and BBF World News Editor In Chief  Professor Masud A. Khan, Aishy’s Husband Arif Motahar, Bio-Xin Chairman Mohammad Zahidul Haque , Firoj Sikder, Director of TOAB, Krishan Bhuiyan, Event Director, Mahmudul Hasan Jaidy, Convenor of BTEA, Ak Azad Milon, Tourism Promoter attended the program.

BBF World News Chairman and Editor Professor Masud A. Khan said in his speech, Bangladesh tourism sector has got immense opportunity but we need to promote it to the world more and more and he invited Aishy to join BBF as the Goodwill Ambassador. In another note Masud appreciated Aishy’s outstanding skills of Communication and her ready wit.Bangladesh must be proud of her.

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