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“Farhana Afrin Oishi  wins “Mrs. Tourism Globe” in Philippines

The World Finals of “Mrs. Tourism” takes place on October 23 in Manila, Philippines. “Farhana Afrin Oishi” participated in the red green flag with 20 countries from Bangladesh. Oishi, a 22-year-old winner, won a total of eight titles, including “Mrs. Tourism Globe” at Grand Coronation Night. Other titles are “Mrs. Berry GLUTA”, “Mrs. Nix Institute of Beauty”, “Best In Forum”, “Darling of the Press” , “Mrs. Fairy White”

This time for the first time since the selection of “Mrs. Tourism Bangladesh-20” from Bangladesh, “Farhana Afreen Oishi” has participated in the international tour of “Mrs. Tourism”. Bangladesh has participated in the event with Australia, China, Canada, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and 20 countries.

Mrs. Tourism Bangladesh President Apurbo Abdul Latif congratulated “Farhana Afreen Oishi  and said, “One of the most potential of our country is our tourism sector.We have the longest beach in the world – Cox’s Bazar, the largest mangrove forest – the Sundarbans. Our Prime Minister herself is doing a lot of work on tourism in Bangladesh. In this context, this is our attempt to make our tourism more widely known in front of the world. Oishi’s success accelerated our journey. Hopefully, with the cooperation of all, this journey will continue on a regular basis to highlight Bangladesh in the world.

On October 6, 22-year-old Oishi was crossing the Bangladesh border with a red green flag. From a very early age, Oishi has been blessed with dancing and singing. She also has an equal interest in writing and drawing. The vision of the beautiful and talented young woman is to visit the world, conquer the hearts of the people by singing and living beside the needs of the people.

Oishi’s mother’s house was in Munshi Ganj, and her father’s house was Faridpur, she was born in Dhaka. Her mother loved dancing, and her father  Loved Music. Therefore, dance and song training is in parallel with the education of children Stage performances started at the school. Shortly after the call to corporate programs. The admiration and love of the audience is the key motivation for moving forward. Due to her  participation in dance and music programs, she had to travel to different parts of Bangladesh. Naturally, the country has a different interest in travel. Meanwhile, many countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai, India and ,many others. And this time she participated in the “Mrs. Tourism” pageant for Bangladesh in Manila, Philippines. She said, “I am proud of lifting Bangladesh among so many countries.My heart’s music on the Talent Round has caught my attention. I also appreciated the unique segment, the result of Coronation Night looks like a dream. The responsibility towards the country went further. I want blessings and love from  all. “

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