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Dhaka Language Club, Country’s Leading Learning Centre

In today’s  fast  changing IT world, we need to know various languages not only as a means of communication but also for our professional life, to project ourselves  in a superior way. We know that English is used as a professional language in the areas of science and technology, business and global communication. Besides that, other languages are useful for traveling purposes. In the scenario of Bangladesh we see that many people considered as academics, are very weak when it’s a matter of speaking.  As a result, the business people are unable to communicate with their clients: the students are unsuccessful in their job interviews: and many students and professionals alike are returning from various work forces abroad because of their limited knowledge of English. When it comes to the Bangladeshis, We see that they can’t truly express their mind. There is a communication gap. It is the gap that the Dhaka Language Club wishes to diminish.

Dhaka Language Club was established in 1995 and situated in “Baridhara DOHS”. From the birth of this institute it is playing a constructive role in teaching. Dhaka Language Club uses various systems, which according to founder and president Professor Masud A Khan, is an effective method of improving. Concentrating more on dialogue practice, Masud wishes to prepare the students to compete in the international arena with the skill and confidence that the students require.

Dhaka Language Club offers following courses.

Professional English, Spoken English, French Language, Japanese Language, Spanish Language, Arabic Language, Chinese Language, Korean Language, German Language, Italian language, Bangla Language, Swedish  Language, Russian Language with more 18 Country’s Languages.

They also offer IELTS, GMAT and SAT courses

For more information

Mobile : +880 1789-399 821,  +880 1716-500 230

Email: masudkhan1969@gmail.com

Facebook/ dhaka language club

Road# 01, House# 171, Baridhara DOHS, Dhaka – 1212

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